• Multi-stage: conventional, heat pumps, & fan coil units
  • Cloud, BACnet/EnOcean enabled, or stand-alone local
  • Retrofits, upgrades & new installations
  • Energy saving solutions

The Titanium NE700 is a sophisticated, intelligent commercial and industrial BACnet/EnOcean enabled wireless thermostat. It is a multi-stage thermostat with up to 3 heat / 2 cool which controls a comprehensive range of heating and cooling units, such as rooftop units, heat pumps, PTAC units, unit heaters with different energy sources, and 2-pipe and 4-pipe fan coil units. In addition, it controls a wide range of equipment such as humidifier, dehumidifier, damper, and economizer.

The NE700 Thermostat is a full featured thermostat with versatility to meet virtually any application need. It includes the EnOcean Alliance ecosystem of sensors for additional and remote environmental monitoring. The thermostat can be operated locally, connected to a BACnet BMS, or managed from the cloud.


For enterprise management, the NE700 thermostat connects to the Titanium cloud platform for managing many locations and global deployment. It has advanced software controls and capabilities for energy savings such as demand response, real-time monitoring, real-time data visualizations, and analytics. It has the most advanced remote capabilities of any thermostat with remote configuration, remote commissioning, remote multi-lockable buttons (individual or groups), versatile user-defined alerts, and incident reporting.

The Titanium cloud platform provides easy to use, unlimited scheduling options for the most complex heating and cooling situations. Titanium delivers software solutions which enables it to deliver features and capabilities difficult to achieve using hardware.


The Titanium NE700 thermostat offers diverse commercial and industrial applications. It is ideal for multi-location and global deployments:

Office buildingsHotels
WarehousesRetail stores

RETAIL CHAIN – 150 stores in nine states

A retail chain with 150 stores in nine states, with some stores more than 60,000 square feet, had no visibility on lighting (indoors and outdoors, including signage) and HVAC operations. The retail chain uses a wide variety of legacy control platforms that needed upgrading and were costly to operate.

Titanium was selected due to its comprehensive, intelligent platform and the ease and low cost of installation. With Titanium, the company achieved 24/7 visibility for all stores. Corporate standards were applied for indoor and outdoor lighting, signage, and HVAC to achieve significant savings in energy and operational costs.

At the beginning of the pandemic, with corporate offices closed and shorter store hours, schedules were quickly updated remotely by one person with immediate energy and operational savings.


A distribution company with warehouses located on the east and west coasts, lacked visibility on their HVAC operations and as a result had high operational costs due to the manual nature of the HVAC controls and no control platform to achieve energy savings. The primary reason for using Titanium was due to its enterprise level software that delivered remote management capabilities while meeting the company’s rigorous IT security standards.

These large warehouses, up to one million square feet, contain a wide variety of rooftop units and unit heaters (gas). Installation for the one million square foot warehouse was easily done in one day.  With Titanium controls, the company immediately began saving on energy and operational costs.



Titanium can measure all inputs to a building (electricity, water & gas) and monitor building consumption end-use to efficiently achieve greater savings. Titanium has an Energy Monitoring Dashboard that tracks kWh showing costs and savings.  Titanium’s universal user interface both energy monitoring and the Titanium NE700 thermostat which provides the ultimate in a platform for controlling energy consumption. It can be used for demand response solutions that can potentially result in rebates and reduce energy costs.


With remote management capabilities, customers can reduce human intervention to monitor and control thermostats.  Sophisticated rules can be used to meet complex, challenging situations to find optimum energy savings and comfort. Intelligent thermostat controls help preserve HVAC equipment.


Titanium SaaS IoT provides enterprise level controls and automation capabilities to meet NYC Local Law 97 requirements and for other sustainability and decarbonization initiatives. A project* with a potential 333,840 kWh annual savings reduces the carbon footprint which can be illustrated in several ways:

*Controlling electric heaters in multi-family, multi-building housing


  • BACnet/EnOcean enabled thermostat
  • Fully cloud enabled remote commissioning
  • Capable of operating stand-alone
  • EnOcean standard remote commissioning
  • Acts as an EnOcean hub to cloud for local sensors such as occupancy, window, keycard
  • Configurable settings such as color display, brightness, repeater, set-point, button locks, system mode, fans speed, and screen time sync by cloud commands
  • Remote thermostat configuration (for smart installations and retrofits)
  • EEPROM permanently retains configuration6 digital outputs
  • Multi-level lockable buttons
  • Reports unauthorized user button touch to cloud
  • Dual set-point
  • Two external temperature sensor inputs (can include return and supply air)
  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensor
  • Outdoor temperature displayed in the thermostat and Titanium user interface
  • Averaging wireless temperature sensors
  • Multi-stage with up to 3 heat, 2 cool, and 2 fan outputs
  • Extra digital output for humidifier/dehumidifier/damper/economizer
  • Auxiliary heat for fan coilFreeze/Heat protection
  • Anti-cycling protection, compressor protection
  • Spartan Peripheral Devices EnOcean actuator: radiator and pipe control
  • GE Zone-line PTAC (AZ65H15DAB) with 3H / 2C plus 2 speed fan
  • Power supply: 20-30 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Backup battery for RTC (Real-Time Clock)
  • Dimensions: 4.0” W x 4.8” H x 1.0” D


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