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Fierce Wisdom for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Titanium in partnership with Aruba delivers the most technologically advanced IoT platform in the world. Titanium delivers the easiest IoT deployment using Aruba’s enterprise level, secure Wi-Fi infrastructure. Through the partnership of Titanium and Aruba, the Titanium universal IoT gateways are replaced with Aruba access points!

Aruba is a leading provider of secure, intelligent networks that enable customers to thrive and deliver amazing digital experiences in the mobile, IoT , and cloud era.

Why Aruba and Titanium?

  • Easily retrofitted to existing Aruba networks without a rip-and-replace
  • Fast bring-up of hyper-aware smart buildings using cloud-based monitoring and control application
  • Enterprise-class network that scales to address multi-location and multi-region deployments
  • Uses EnOcean’s energy harvesting wireless solutions, the smart technology for IoT
  • Supports more than 5,000 interoperable EnOcean Alliance thermostats, comfort control, air quality, CO2, energy, security, lighting, and metering devices

Digital Transformation with Titanium, Aruba and EnOcean Alliance

Titanium’s technology applies human intelligence to various EnOcean hardware. The combination of data and context enables smart buildings to become cognizant of, and responsive to, the occupants and their environment.

Aruba’s access network generates provisional information such as identity, location, and applications in use. In addition, facilities for the first time ever, will be able to utilize the existing IT networks’ secure infrastructure without running extra cables and gateways. Hence, reducing e-waste significantly and promoting a much greener environment.

EnOcean Alliance edge devices generate logical representations of physical data like temperature, enthalpy, power, and presence.

Hyperaware buildings are more productive and environmentally friendly for the occupants and more economically prudent to run. McKinsey estimates that monitoring and optimizing human activity thru smart workspaces can:

  • Increase productivity by 5%
  • Energy monitoring can reduce costs by 20%
  • Intelligent building security should yield a 20-50% reduction in labor costs

Current Fourth Industrial Revolution Challenges

Installing multiple gateways, local servers, and control panels for any IoT platform results in adding a separate communication network platform. It may require interdepartmental cross-disciplinary coordination efforts which ultimately results in higher costs and delayed deployments.

This complex way of installing IoT platforms can be expectably a barrier and costly to transform into the digital transformation world (i.e. The Fourth Industrial Revolution which comprises IoT, Big Data, Cloud and AI).

Networking Benefits and Savings

Using Aruba’s existing Wi-Fi network eliminates the multi-network deployment approach and provides Aruba enterprise level security. Titanium can be easily deployed on any existing Aruba Wi-Fi network that supports Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 Aruba access points with Aruba OS version 8.7 or later versions.

Furthermore, Titanium’s easiness of deployment offers a remote semi-AI automated commissioning which is designed to enable scaling across hundreds of buildings.

Through the technology partnership with Aruba and EnOcean Alliance energy harvesting hardware, Titanium creates savings from:

  • Reduced hardware costs (i.e. less hardware & more software)
  • Reduced IT costs (eliminating e-waste)
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Reduced commissioning costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Elimination of multiple IoT networks

Titanium with Aruba access points offers the simplest, easiest, IoT deployment possible. Get started today and experience the power and cost savings of Titanium!

Titanium Platform

Titanium Intelligent Solutions builds distributed cloud-based end-to-end IoT building management applications to monitor, control, and analyze hyper-aware intelligent buildings. The extensible platform supports standalone, multi-tenant, multi-use, and multi-site buildings, and includes live data with predictive analytics to optimize building performance.

Titanium offers an encompassing powerful user interface that manages all networkable edge devices from any internet enabled device (i.e. iPhone, iPad, android, laptop, PC etc.). The user interface provides an interactive and comprehensive floor plan overview, powerful live data analytics and metrics, system and site visualization, granular rule-based operation and an audit log of all user behavior. Additionally, it offers a role-based access by function and location which enforces proper governance over all network system operation and configuration.

Joint Deployment

Titanium created an intelligent and a simple deployment process that allows IoT edge devices to join the network easily through the following steps:

  1. Install or use existing Aruba Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6 access points with a USB port and AOS 8.7;
  2. Insert the USB stick into the Aruba access point and configure the IP address of the WebSocket connection;
  3. Install sensors (or edge devices); and
  4. Titanium automatically searches for sensors and completes the commissioning process to add edge devices to the network by establishing a secure communication.

Upgrade your Aruba network with IoT platform capabilities today!

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