The Titanium platform transports data to the cloud providing Big Data capabilities.

What is meant by “Big Data?”

In the early 2000s, Doug Laney through the Meta Group described Big Data as having three broad types of attributes:

  • Volume: ability to store vast amounts of data
  • Velocity: ability to receive data timely
  • Variety: ability to source data of all types

Laney said that data with these attributes can be an economic asset.  A key to turning data into an economic asset is the fourth “V” – Veracity (quality of the data).  With these four “Vs”, data instead of just being a cost to maintain is transformed into the fifth “V” – “Value.”

Traditionally, organizations stored data in their own systems. Various cost and physical constraints limited their ability to store huge volumes of data.  The advent of the cloud opened up the possibility of cost effectively storing vast amounts of data without the normal physical constraints.  Big Data analytics leads to data monetization giving companies a significant competitive advantage.

Titanium Platform Delivers Big Data

The Titanium platform gives organizations that competitive advantage. The Titanium platform provides a cost-effective way for organizations to store Big Data and to begin monetizing it.

It is a challenge to be able to gather data with Big Data attributes.  The Titanium platform solved these challenges.  The Titanium platform has all five “Vs” –

  • Gathers large Volumes of data in the cloud.
  • Is high Velocity due to low latency and fast response times.
  • Has interoperability bringing in a wide Variety of data.
  • Uses the highest quality edge devices to deliver accurate data (Veracity).
  • Has analytical capabilities to cost effectively deliver optimum solutions (Value).

The world is moving from the third industrial revolution to the fourth and Titanium has already arrived. With its Big Data capabilities, Titanium is the most powerful distributed cloud platform available bringing intelligence to things and turning data into economic assets.

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