Our Customer 

The customer is a privately held, family-oriented, value-priced, high-quality products retail chain. Beginning in 1977, they grew from one store to 150 stores in 9 states. 

The customer’s mission is to provide exceptional value to their customers through opportunistic buying and selling of high-quality brand name merchandise. In addition to providing value to their customers, the Retail Chain gives back to their community in numerous ways – such as to First Responders and to military service members and their families 

The Challenge 

The Retail Chain wanted to reduce overall energy costs by upgrading to LED lights with advanced lighting controls. The upgraded lighting should help promote increased sales by providing a better store environment and enhancing visual appeal of products on the shelves. 

The Retail Chain was in the market for 3-years searching for an all-in remote control/monitoring platform (Lighting, HVAC & others) to achieve the highest level of rebate possible across 9 states. 

Additionally, the Retail Chain wanted to ensure that the platform had the capability to be fully interoperable and expandable through a cloud- based technology. 

The Retail Chain believes a platform should enable their corporate management to collect big data and analyze through AI to provide data analytics which ultimately result in savings and further automations for all locations. 

TITANIUM Solution 

The Retail Chain selected Titanium Intelligent Solutions (“Titanium”) to become the advanced cloud-based platform to automate all its current and future locations. Titanium is a distributed cloud-based technology that provides communication and data through the cloud to monitor, control, and analyze. Titanium’s multi- vendor hardware capabilities provide virtually unlimited solutions to serve current and future needs of the Retail Chain. 


Lights and HVAC were immediately controlled using rules and sensors to achieve savings. Additional savings were achieved using the astronomical clock for outdoor lights. The Titanium Energy Monitoring proved a powerful tool for analyzing the level of control over energy costs and for real time response to changes in power usage per square footage. 

Easy Installation 

Titanium was easily installed since it uses low voltage, energy harvesting wireless sensors. Titanium remotely activates the platform through the browser-based user interface (i.e., no set- up requirement to operate the user interface). Overall, installation time and costs were substantially reduced. 

Wide Applicability 

Titanium was used to control and monitor various edge devices via the cloud for both indoor and outdoor lights including outdoor shopping mall pylon signs. In addition, Titanium was installed at both existing and new stores given the multi-vendor interoperability nature of Titanium platform. 


Intelligent and structured alerts were set up to notify managers at various levels when the store environment exceeds certain desired levels. Additionally, due to the multi-function abilities of the platform, power measurement per square footage and heat map for monitoring store traffic were added. 

Coporate Management 

Titanium provided the Retail Chain with the
ability to be used by both local and corporate managers. It is the ideal technology for managing many stores over a vast region. 

> 20,000 Network Wireless Devices Monitored: 

Covering millions of square feet indoors and outdoors 

Installation savings 

  • Seamless Installations – Low voltage cables for reduced labor costs 
  • >41% 

Platform set-up savings 

  • Minimal labor
  • > 90% 

On-going monitoring & control savings 

  • Decrease corporate overhead expense
  • >90% 

Energy savings 

  • Platform usage results in energy savings
  • >30% 

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