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CIO article: Data, Data, Everywhere: How Titanium Built a Cloud IoT Platform

The IoT industry is evolving to support a wide range of use cases and operating models. Titanium’s broad SaaS platform was built to tackle the array of IoT challenges that business and IT leaders face.

By George Trujillo, principal data strategist, DataStax; and Ara Bederjikian, president, Titanium Intelligent Solutions

The CIO article by DataStax and Titanium covers the following topics:

  • Today’s real-time data stack
  • Industry challenges for a real-time data stack
  • A vision for a real-time data ecosystem
  • Case study: Scaling a climate control system nationwide
  • An aligned vision

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VentureBeat (VB) founded in 2006 is the leading source for transformative tech news and events in AI coverage. Each year, VB has a conference on applied AI for enterprise business and technology decision makers. At the 2022 Transform conference, DataStax and Titanium held a roundtable discussion. Below is a synopsis:

Roundtable Discussion: Architecting the right real-time technology stack, July 20, 2022

Sponsored by DataStax.  Virtual discussion includes the Chief Data Strategist, DataStax, General Manager Americas, DataStax, President, Titanium, Chief Strategist, Titanium


Real-time analytics and decisioning is happening in milliseconds before information is sent to the consumer.  It is this real-time activity that determines the quality of the customer experience and sales total. This is why real-time analytics and ML are at the tip of the spear in competing for the loyalty of customers.

In this discussion, we will share a foundational real-time technology stack and data architecture for a winning analytics and machine learning strategy. Topics will include the capabilities and characteristics for an enterprise real-time data ecosystem, architecting data flows across a data supply chain, reducing business friction between centralized and decentralized teams and key areas in a data strategy that drive business innovation. Attendees will see the advantages of a unified and aligned pub/sub, messaging and queuing architecture and the advantages of a high velocity database strategy for data in motion.

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