The brain of Titanium is a robust software platform that connects to hardware to make them intelligent.  Titanium Intelligent Solutions does not make any hardware.  The company establishes partnerships with exceptional hardware companies.  This approach provides an adaptable and expandable platform that can be designed to provide the best solutions for our customers.

The Titanium platform delivers on the three pillars of a cloud-based intelligent platform:

  • Horizontal: Provides interoperability across network infrastructure
  • Vertical: Addresses market-specific challenges and use cases
  • Geographical: Global delivery and understanding of local deployment and regulations

The Titanium platform is designed to be multi-agnostic resulting in an enormously flexible platform.  The multi-agnosticity consists of the following components:

  • Hardware
  • Protocol
  • Internet uplink
  • Browser
  • Wired / wireless communication

The interoperability of the platform delivers a green ecosystem of solutions that can address market-specific challenges and a broad array of use cases:


Minimal Hardware

The Titanium Platform hardware requirements are minimal and the least of any platform available.  The primary hardware is the selected edge devices which are essential for data origination and control and an edge computing controller which is required to communicate with the edge devices and the cloud.

This is not typical of other platforms which sometimes require a local server (if it does not use the cloud), control panels, special user access modules, etc….   The brains of the Titanium platform are in the cloud which brings intelligence to the hardware.

Ease of Installation

One of the great benefits of the Titanium platform is the ease of installation.  Every aspect of the platform has been thought out to ensure the platform can be installed quickly and the user can start managing the platform immediately.  The Titanium platform automatically detects edge devices making the installation process fast and easy and it is a unique capability that no one else offers.

Platform can be easily expanded

The Titanium platform is an exceptionally well-designed platform.  Once a platform is installed, the functionality can be continually expanded to bring more value to the customer.  Expanding the platform is a marginal addition to the platform and it is not a new platform installation.  Therefore, expansions are exceedingly straightforward and can be done whenever the customer would like to add new functionality.

Titanium Intelligent Solutions delivers a green ecosystem platform that helps customers manage their environments efficiently and cost-effectively with a platform that can be continually expanded.

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