Our philosophy is to engage in a long-term partnership with our customers providing economically prudent intelligent solutions. Consistently delivering on our commitment to our customers and advancing global sustainability, requires a team that is engaged with each other, with our customers; and our community.

Titanium is devoted to supporting individual growth through collegial professionalism and organizational intelligence. Titanium strives to give people a broad opportunity to grow professionally in an enriching environment. Titanium is a fast growing and technologically advanced company that can provide a wide range of experiences. Since inception, Titanium has had a well-established intern program. Titanium has worked closely with universities and colleges to provide internship opportunities. Working at Titanium is professionally challenging giving the interns the best know-how experiences for professional development with real world problems.

Titanium has had a wide range of internships including software development, marketing, sales assistance, and data analytics. Titanium’s interns have worked as summer interns and on co-op programs during the school year. Given the COVID-19 times, the actual work is all performed remotely that is consistent with our pre-COVID work strategy which has always had a combination of remote and in office work. Therefore, it has been easy for Titanium to transition to all remote internships.

Here is what some of our interns have to say about their experiences:


Fall 2018

As an intern at Titanium Intelligent Solutions, I was able to work alongside the network engineers and developers, to test and install prototype designs in specific applications. It was an incredible experience!

Working at Titanium Intelligent Solutions gave me the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation and technology. Immersed in a dynamic environment, I developed many technical, business and project management skills and held responsibilities that took learning beyond the classroom. Overall, such a unique and rewarding opportunity!




Summer 2019

My internship at Titanium Intelligent Solutions for software development gave me the real world experience that I was missing with college courses. I was surrounded by many talented individuals that allowed me to learn quick and hit the ground running.

During my internship, what was valuable to me was that you gave me real work to do that had an impact on Titanium.





My time as an intern at Titanium Intelligent Solutions was definitely rewarding. The knowledge that I have gained from my experiences has helped me with automating personal tasks involving a large database, which would be nearly impossible to do manually. I was able to grow in a way that benefited my personal life, and my life as a student of computer science. I feel confident that I have all the skills necessary to succeed in my study of computer science at the Honors College of Rutgers – New Brunswick and, beyond education, I have a head start that will help me advance in my career.

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