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Titanium is a complete, end-to-end platform of software and hardware that is interoperable and scalable providing multi-location, multi-region capabilities. As an advisory based solutions platform that is agnostic to hardware, Titanium offers a line of professional cloud cameras.  Titanium is proud to be an Authorized Tyco Cloud Dealer.  


Tyco Cloud is designed for video surveillance from one to thousands of locations. Tyco Cloud is a cloud-based physical security management suite from Johnson Controls which was developed for video surveillance, access control, intelligence, and integration services. With Tyco Cloud, organizations can easily scale and streamline their surveillance operations:

  • Cloud Cameras with up to 30 days or more of integrated edge storage for cloud managed surveillance
  • No on-premises VMS server or software, NVRs or mass storage required
  • Camera models available from 32GB to 512GB of storage and shipped cloud ready for fast install
  • UL and National Defense Act compliant
  • Simple per camera cloud service subscriptions, annual or monthly

Since 1999, Tyco Cloud has been trusted by thousands of customers. Tyco Cloud has helped customers store and manage over 25 billion minutes of video surveillance in the cloud. It is available in 140 countries and 50+ data centers worldwide and growing.

Tyco Cloud digitally transforms building surveillance:

  • Eliminates on-premises infrastructure
  • Reduces installation / management costs
  • Supports transition of existing cameras
  • Improves end to end cyber security
  • Provides a single video / access interface
  • Simple to buy for 1-100,000 locations
  • Scales up or down on demand


Move your surveillance network to the cloud for enterprise management of all your locations. Use Tyco Cloud to manage many locations across many regions with outstanding features for video retrieval:

  • Access: securely manage users, devices, and system services for all locations from one web portal
  • Fast – live & recorded video dynamically delivered over almost any network from cellular to fiber
  • Efficient – Motion View feature for quick access to live video only from cameras that detect motion, no wasted time watching static video
  • Smart – Hyper View feature to search through video from up to 100 cameras at the same time in 60 seconds or less
  • Simple – Search by events, date, time, camera, create bookmarks, download clips, securely share with others


Traditional Video Surveillance Architecture

Below is a diagram of traditional video surveillance architecture:

Tyco Cloud Video Surveillance Architecture

Tyco Cloud Cameras do not need a gateway.  However, Tyco Cloud Gateways can be used to incorporate legacy cameras into the Tyco Cloud enterprise system to achieve total cloud control over all your cameras.

Tyco Cloud Cameras eliminate the need for:

  • Application and DB servers
  • Thick clients (other processing servers)
  • NVRs and mass storage
  • Internet VPN
  • Remote clients

The reduced amount of hardware required reduces installation and project costs.  It is also easier and more cost effective for on-going support and maintenance.  Tyco Cloud is a sustainable technology which reduces e-waste and can reduce carbon footprint through reduced energy use and lower carbon emissions. Critically, Tyco Cloud provides an enterprise platform for managing your video surveillance, storage, and retrieval for all your cameras wherever they are located.  Below is a diagram of Tyco Cloud surveillance architecture:


The Tyco Cloud platform is secured by Johnson Controls’ industry-leading cybersecurity and personal data privacy. Tyco Cloud provides the most advanced security to give you peace of mind:



The strict Johnson Controls cybersecurity programs have been developed on the experience of decades of delivering critical solutions for the United States government and large multinational customers.



The National Defense Authorization Act 2019 effectively bans the use of specified technologies by the federal government due to national security concerns. As of August 2019, Illustra Cloud Cameras support the directives of National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for sale to U.S. federal and government agencies.


“Tyco Cloud is making the world a safer place with innovative and globally scalable cloud video surveillance.”- Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft.

Search Capabilities

Tyco Cloud uses patent-pending Hyper View that enables users to search through video up to 100 cameras at the same time in 60 seconds or less. Search by events, date, time, and camera. Save and download any length clip or share it.  Zoom on any video clip and skip from event to event with one click. Playback video at 2-8X speed. See a preview of a motion event in the instant pop-up window on the timeline. Drag to any place on the timeline quickly. Pause and snapshot an important moment.

Motion Analytics Reporting

For cameras using Tyco Cloud VMS, run powerful motion analytics reports. Sort and report by day, week, month and download to Excel.

Map Views

Map View provides a worldwide view of all your cameras. Use the Worldwide Map View to see the status of all your cameras. Select any location to see video at that location.

For local views, include a building map or floor plan for viewing cameras. Select any camera from the building map or floorplan to view live video from any camera.

User Management

New users can be easily set-up in Tyco Cloud. Cameras can be assigned to users to provide custom views (such as cash register cameras or warehouse cameras).  Set up appropriate user privileges (such as view only). Change custom camera views and privileges whenever needed.


There are four categories of Tyco Illustra Cloud Cameras to choose from:

  • Mini-Dome
  • Bullet
  • Compact Mini-Dome
  • IR PTZ

Tyco Cloud Cameras have these key Features:

  • Store video in the camera, in the cloud, or both as needed
  • Plug and play connection with Tyco Cloud video management software
  • Cold storage for cost effective and secure video archiving
  • IK10-rated vandal resistance
  • IP68-rated protection against dust and water damage
  • P-iris for image clarity in changing light conditions
  • Motion detection for instant intruder alerts
  • Reduced installation costs from PoE which eliminates power cabling

Please see below for a brief overview of the four camera categories.

Tyco Illustra Cloud 3MP and 8MP Mini-Dome Cameras

Product Items:

  • Cloud Camera Flex 3MP Mini-Dome 2.8-12mm Motorized TDNIR Ind/Outd
  • Cloud Camera Flex 8MP Mini-Dome 3.4-9mm Motorized TDNIR Ind/Outd

Mini-Dome Cameras are one of the more commonly used types of cameras. Dome cameras have a more discreet and low profile making them less obtrusive.  It is also more difficult for someone to know which direction the camera is pointed. The Tyco Cloud Mini-Dome Cameras offer high-image quality for a wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors. The Mini-Domes are excellent for wide areas such as loading docks and airport terminals. For outdoor use, the IR illuminators produce clear images at an effective distance in a variety of low light conditions.

Tyco Illustra Cloud 3MP Bullet Cameras

Product Item: Cloud Camera Flex 3MP Bullet 2.8-12mm Motorized TDNIR Ind/Outd

Solid yet affordable, the Illustra Cloud 3MP Bullet Camera is ideal for both interior and exterior applications that require a vandal- and weather-resistant option. The P-Iris feature delivers clear video in changing lighting conditions. The Cloud Bullet Camera comes complete with built-in IR illuminators for clear video images in extreme low light or zero illumination conditions providing crisp, clear video quality both day and night.

Tyco Illustra Cloud 3MP Compact Mini-Dome Cameras

Product Item: Cloud Camera Flex 3MP Compact Mini-Dome 2.8mm Fixed DN Ind/Outd

With a small, aesthetically pleasing design, the affordably priced Illustra 3MP & 8MP Cloud Mini-Dome Cameras offer an effective solution for retail stores, schools, bank branches and small to medium size offices. A P-Iris lens delivers clear video in changing light while built-in IR illuminators produce clear images at an effective distance in a variety of low light conditions. With a recessed mounting option, these cameras can be strategically placed to blend into a variety of both interior and exterior locations.

Tyco Illustra Cloud 2MP IR PTZ Cameras

Product Item: Cloud Camera Flex 2MP PTZ 30x TDNIR Outdoor

The Illustra Cloud IR PTZ is ideal for applications that require reliable, expansive functionality at an economical price point. With its 30x optical and 12x digital magnification, the IR PTZ is capable of effectively managing video quality up to 1,000ft (300m).

Other Cameras

Titanium offers other cameras which can be connected to the cloud through a Tyco Cloud Gateway. This might be useful if an organization would like to add Tyco Cloud Cameras while keeping the current cameras in place. With Tyco Cloud, the entire camera platform can be moved to the cloud to achieve cost savings and advanced capabilities of the Tyco Cloud platform.  Please contact Titanium to find out more.



For more information, please see the Tyco Cloud brochures below.

Authorized Tyco Cloud Dealer