With both human and cloud intelligence, Titanium Intelligent Solutions
delivers a multi-agnostic platform for an unlimited number of uses.

Use case: Mid-size apartment complex needed to control energy use, enhance security, and manage various powered devices throughout the complex.

Functions: Indoor / outdoor lighting control, occupancy sensors (monitoring traffic), power measurement, and cameras.

Installation: Minimum of hardware was required. Auto-commissioning quickly found the edge devices.  Through the user interface, the Apartment Complex immediately began controlling the edge devices.  Platform immediately began transporting Big Data to the cloud.

User Interface: Reduced energy costs by dimming lights and setting rules for better lighting control.   Electrical usage and savings monitored in the user interface. Easy monitoring / control by toggling from one apartment complex to another to manage multiple apartment complexes.  Surveillance of key areas.

Big Data: Using power measurement to track energy savings.  Time series charts tracking edge device data.  Analysis of edge device activity for environmental improvement.

Alert capabilities: Management company receives instantaneous automated alerts for any operational deficiencies throughout the building.

Benefits:  Achieved energy savings. Improved security with cameras monitoring critical areas. Big Data available for analytics. Manage multiple locations easily. Platform functionality is easily expandable.

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