The ultimate all-in user interface for analytics and for monitoring and controlling edge devices.

Robust user interface functionality

The user interface is powerful in its simplicity and provides comprehensive functionality for managing the platform.  It provides status for all edge devices registered with the platform. It can be used to monitor many things such as energy savings and the level of natural light.  The user interface includes a floor plan editor to show where edge devices are installed.  An audit log is included to monitor user activity.

Multiple user roles

The user interface has multiple user types allowing different types of platform management roles depending on user requirements.  The user interface provides read only access or management access over selected locations or all locations as well as providing access to different management functions such as the audit log.

Advanced design principles

Titanium’s design principles require consistency in function, terminology, and appearance resulting in a user interface that is friendly and requires minimal training to use.

Sophisticated rules setting capabilities

The platform has sophisticated rules setting to monitor and control edge devices.  For example, rules can be set by the second, minute, hour, day, or month and long-term scheduling created.  Set points can be established for thermostats to control heating and air conditioning.

Edge devices can be grouped to manage them under the same set of rules. Rules and groupings can be easily revised on the fly.

Manage multiple locations

The user interface is designed to be able to manage and to toggle among multiple locations. It is the ultimate tool for management control allowing for both corporate monitoring and for individual location (or area) management.

Global access

The user interface can be accessed globally from any internet enable device.  The accessibility allows for users to manage and control any location effortlessly.

Vital alert management

The Titanium platform includes alerts which is a vital function for ensuring good management over critical and timely controls.  Rules can be set to initiate emails / SMS notifications globally.

Cloud to edge device communication

The user interface automatically searches and detects edge devices which can then be registered in the user interface.

Big Data – Analytics

The user interface includes a powerful metrics analytics and visualization tool.  The data generated by the edge devices can be easily exported to any data analytical engine.

The Ultimate All-in User Interface

The Titanium user interface can add customer demand-based functionalities at any given point in time.

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