• Titanium Intelligent Solutions is an advisory based solutions platform.
  • Titanium is an amalgamation of software and hardware into one unique and effortlessly navigated platform to help our customers solve their problems.
  • Titanium is an enterprise management platform with advanced capabilities for monitoring, control, analytics and savings.
  • Titanium is a distributed cloud-based internet of things (IoT) platform with multi-location, multi-region capabilities.
  • Titanium is a complete, end-to-end IoT platform that is easily installed to deliver intelligent solutions. It is interoperable and strategically scalable.
  • Titanium minimizes hardware and maximizes software to deliver a more sustainable and greener world.


  • The Titanium platform brings edge devices together to create a seamless network infrastructure that is intelligently controlled through the cloud.
  • Titanium’s automated and remote capabilities reduce the need for local resources.
  • Titanium’s interoperability provides the capability to control and monitor a wide variety of functions in one seamless platform.
  • Titanium is additive and scalable; the platform can be installed for certain purposes and later other functions can be added in an easy and economically prudent way.
  • Titanium provides predictive and intelligent analytics through real time data that ultimately drives various AI recommendations for highest efficiencies.
  • Titanium enables instant alerts and automated notification of various abnormal behavioral conditions. For example, an escalation process can be created to automatically inform different layers of management.
  • Titanium provides real time data for monitoring purposes. The data can also be easily downloaded for analysis.
  • All capabilities are easily accessible from anywhere, anytime via any internet enabled device.

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