Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The U.N. Brundtland Commission


Titanium is committed to a more sustainable world. At Titanium, sustainability is considered in everything that we do – internally and for our customers and community. The Titanium platform is designed with sustainability benefits and therefore, Titanium customers may enjoy those benefits. Furthermore, given the advisory nature of the platform, Titanium can offer further intelligent solutions to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.


Titanium is a cloud-based technology that provides numerous benefits such as cost savings, mobility, and reduced continuity risk. More importantly, cloud computing can help organizations meet their sustainability goals.

Cloud computing is a scalable technology that can reduce carbon footprint through reduced energy use and lower carbon emissions:

  • More efficient use of server capacity to actual demand
  • Flattening peak loads through shared infrastructure
  • Using data centers with advanced methods for reducing power loss
  • Reduced usage of high carbon physical goods

Titanium is the platform for a more sustainable world.


Titanium is an agnostic platform that offers the most economically prudent solutions to our customers. It empowers our customers to achieve real, measurable savings across multiple disciplines. Once Titanium is deployed, it enables our customers to expand and adopt into new sophisticated beneficial solutions.


A sustainability program study conducted by a major educational institution highlighted certain limitations of their current platform that didn’t satisfy their needs. However, with Titanium’s intelligence, a reduced hardware approach with more software solutions, dramatically reduces e-waste (i.e. reduction in carbon footprint) that can be easily expanded into multi-regional locations.

Titanium advances the world towards reducing carbon emissions.

How can Titanium help their customers?

Publicly Available Environmental Data

  • Real Time Data Collection
  • Public Monitors / Alerts

Cloud-Based (Green Computing)

  • Reduce Environmental Impact
  • Reduce Electronic Waste (E-Waste)

Cloud Technology for Local Farming

  • Soil Sensor; Automated Wireless Irrigation
  • Greenhouse Monitoring and Control

Optimize Building Performance

  • Monitor, Control & Analyze – Increase Efficiency
  • Heat Map, People Counting

Reduce Use of Fossil Fuels

  • Remote Monitoring and Controls
  • Live Power Measurement

Intelligent Cloud-based Technology

  • Maximize Software
  • Minimize Hardware (E-Waste)

Healthy Indoor Environment

  • Measure: CO2, VOCs, Temperature & Humidity
  • Structured Alerts & Escalation Process

Low Energy Consumption

  • Energy Harvesting Sensors (e.g., Solar)
  • Measure Renewable Energy

Conserve Water

  • Measure Waterflow; Detect Leaks
  • Measure Water Level

Healthy Outdoor Environment

  • Monitor Outdoor Air Quality
  • Green Asset Tracking

Big Data

  • Perpetual Savings; Optimize Operations
  • Forecast Performance; Preventive Analytics

Outdoor Monitoring and Controls

  • Astronomical Clock
  • Water Control & Measurement

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